Military expo in Kyiv, Ukraine

In October 2018 we have attended military show in Kyiv, Ukraine. We performed demo of a tank battle to show potential of simulation for military and professional use. Lots of fun, emotions and business conversations. Compact sized RockerVR amazed visitors with high speeds even at high loads. Precise synchronization between motion and picture created full immersion for all guests.

We were one of the few VR exhibitors in the whole tradeshow and we were happy to share our vision on how to use motion simulators and VR for professional applications.

About Bmotion Technology

Bmotion Technology was founded in 2014 as a hardware design and development project to build motion simulators and rides for the entertainment and professional segments. Bmotion Technology also offers all kinds of hardware/software projects as well as turnkey business solutions for location-based VR entertainment. Company headquarters and manufacture is located in Ukraine and projects are done worldwide.