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Motion Theater

Storytelling experience with full immersion.

Motion Theater combines precise motion with high quality 3D or VR image, clear sound and great choice of special effects. Our main goal was to achieve feeling of complete immersion. We focused at creating WOW and delight to customers. They will be able not only to watch and listen, but also to feel everything that is happening on the screen.


3 DOF motion base in our simulators provides an unprecedented immersive ride experience. Its dynamic performance complements spectacular content to create full immersion. Motion theater is an exciting experience that will leave you breathless in the seat.

Perfectly synchronized motion effects combined with the action and movement create an alternative reality that needs to be experienced firsthand. You would dip into the water, fly in the sky, feel the wind, rain and fog. Along with these breathtaking effects 3D or VR image helps create real-life experience, high quality sound enhances virtual environment and motion platform fortifies your experience by smoothly riding you.


Our rides offer great fun and excitement for people of all ages. Motion theater will be a great source in maximizing income at FECs, arcades, trampoline parks, bowling centers or any other entertainment facility around the world.



Tailored to your needs

Different configurations of motion theater can be created based on the motion simulator selection (Turbo Ride or RockerVR) and content format (3D Screen or VR headset).

3D or VR


1-100+ seats


min 2.5 m2



VR motion simulator ride - Turbo Ride 4

All Electric Motion

Smooth and Precise

All motion simulators are equipped with electric driven motion actuators. As a result, movement is smooth and soft even at high speeds and loads. Due to ultra quick response the motion is precisely synchronized with content stream and effects cues. In addition, this type of technology delivers virtually maintenance free operation that any operator can take advantage of.

Content Format

Crisp and Bright

High quality wide 3D screen with dual projectors or VR headsets options depending on the application and budget (Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Focus, Valve Index).

Control and Safety System

Easy, Friendly and Robust

Convenient tablet app for easy operation or a touch screen console. Safety features and devices available depending on the hardware selection. Payment system device can be integrated into the control system per custom request.

Real Virtuality Club - Turbo Ride

Spatial Sound & Special FX

Pure and Immersive

5.1 surround sound. We have sound professionals in our team so we do care about sound. You will be able to watch high definition video and enjoy powerful and clear surround sound. A set of built-in and optional special effects that include vibration, wind, water mist, strobe and bubbles amongst others.

Are you interested in Motion Theater? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.