VR Racing Motion Simulator

VR with motion simulation provides ultimate racing and gaming experience.

RockerVR motion simulator gaming solutions

Ultimate experience and full immersion.

The standards of gaming has risen dramatically in the past years and constantly continue to grow. Immersive gaming became an ultimate goal to maximally engage the user. Game design and storytelling are not enough anymore to make the desired level of immersion. Cutting edge technologies like VR and motion simulation are needed to bring additional positive emotions to the table and make the gaming experience complete and comprehensive.


Motion becomes essential when it comes to gaming environments like car racing or flight simulation where motion is a natural part of the experience. Simulators can be a great addition to any game. Motion adds exclusive interaction for the players, creates deep immersion into the environment and boosts presence effect.


By putting more emphasis on player immersion our various simulator solutions can be easily integrated into the game engine with precise synchronisation enabling players with more engagement and involvement into the games.


One of the popular applications is car racing. Adding car motion simulation to the VR gaming experience create full immersion for the user.


  • Immersive motion simulation
  • Precise synchronisation
  • High speed
  • Industrial grade quality that is built to last
  • Sensational experience
  • Small footprint and high ROI per area occupied


Compact VR racing simulator is a good fit for family entertainment centers, arcades, malls, laser tags, theme parks, casinos, bowling alleys, cinemas, hotels, trampoline centers amongst other locations. Please contact us for the details.


We implemented integration with Project Cars 2 – a leading car racing simulator available in the market. Project CARS 2 delivers the soul of motor racing in the world’s most beautiful, authentic, and technically-advanced racing game. Project Cars Pro is ideal solution for location-based entertainment with convenient workflow for the operator. Contact us for more details.

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