Rocker Game Station™

VR entertainment with motion simulation for location-based entertainment with genuine value.

Rocker Motion Simulator Gaming Solutions

Ultimate experience and full immersion.

Bmotion Technology offers turn-key solution for location based entertainment (LBE), commercial and enterprise use. We created multiplayer Rocker Game Station™ (RGS) solution with motion simulation with the smallest footprint for 4 players in the whole VR industry.


Motion simulation becomes essential when it comes to gaming environments like car racing or flight simulation where motion is a natural part of the experience. Motion simulators can be a great addition to any game. Motion simulation adds exclusive interaction and feedback for the players, creates deep immersion into the environment and boosts presence effect.


The value of our product is far more than just a VR headset with content. Precise fast motion simulation is an integral part of the experience that makes RGS™ a solution that stands out of the crowd and brings fully immersive experience compared to other multiplayer solutions that rarely go beyond a PC, headset and content.


Based on operations experience we know that the product must meet certain requirements like reliability, zero downtime, operator friendliness and ultimate user experience. We have implemented all of these features in our product.


Unique combination of hardware, software and content will provide you with great product that will give your customers awesome experiences and multiplayer gameplay for individuals and teams with full scale motion simulation.


RGS™ is a unique solution for any entertainment arena or location-based entertainment (LBE) that provides real value and makes a difference for your success.

Rocker Game Station™

Most efficient turnkey gaming solution for LBE VR with full scale motion simulation.

Are you interested in Rocker Game Station™ solution with full scale motion simulation? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.