Location-based entertainment chain completed

Back in 2014 Bmotion Technology got involved in a project in USA. The goal was to launch a location-based entertainment business with the focus to have locations in the busiest shopping malls in NY and CT. Bmotion Technology had to find solution for technical, operational, managerial and administrative challenges. The whole project was created from scratch. Market research, exploring and analyzing perfect locations, getting the premisses ready, putting a team together, launching marketing campaigns, collecting backend statistics and other location-based entertainment business tasks. As a result of our constant work 5 locations were launched. Each store had one 7D Theater with multiple special effects.

Based on this valuable experience of setting and running location-based entertainment locations as well as customers feedback we have decided to make new generation of hardware and software products. “We had a feeling that we can give a way more to our customers. You have to be in the field to see what is important and what is not. Also we need to look carefully into the emerging VR technologies that are surely will be important for location-based entertainment segment.” – says Illia Balashov, Bmotion Technology founder.

About Bmotion Technology

Bmotion Technology was founded in 2014 as a hardware design and development project to build motion simulators and rides for the entertainment and professional segments. Bmotion Technology also offers all kinds of hardware/software projects as well as turnkey business solutions for location-based VR entertainment. Company headquarters and manufacture is located in Ukraine and projects are done worldwide.