Motion as it can be

Entertainment: an indispensable part of everybody’s life. Bmotion Technology takes it to a new level of fun and excitement. As a Virtual Reality (VR) simulator manufacturer, the company gives an opportunity to experience new worlds and break away from the daily routine. The company’s background in operating different motion-simulator rides has helped create products that can be imagined and innovated only from experience.

The main concept is to build products that are useful from several stand points. Customers need to have an outstanding experience. Operators need to enjoy the process of maintaining and running the equipment. And the setup process must be seamless and smooth. All of Bmotion Technology’s products have this philosophy in mind.

“People love entertainment. They are looking for it. To find great rides you would need to travel far to an amusement park, plan ahead, and sometimes make multiple day trips. The budget for the trip can be high. But what if a great ride experience can be found in the nearest mall? We believe that if you make entertainment more flexible, reachable, affordable, and exciting you can change the way it is delivered.” says Illia Balashov, Bmotion Technology founder.

Bmotion Technology has a team of versatile specialists with complementary skills and experience combining software, hardware, and business professionals. In 2014 the team was involved in a project of launching multiple location-based entertainment stores in the USA, including some of New York’s busiest shopping centers. Based on this experience and knowledge of operating different equipment a new generation of rides and software was developed.

Bmotion Technology offers a wide range of products that can meet most of the requirements and requests in the VR market. Portable solutions, like the RockerVR, are perfect for on-the-go events or smaller spaces. For those wanting to ride with friends and family, Bmotion Technology has the multi-seat Turbo Ride. In addition, the company offers solutions for location-based VR with Real Virtuality Club: a VR boutique aimed at bringing high-quality unique VR entertainment.

“We build small islands of amusement to fill up the gap and let people have fun in a convenient way for them. We are going closer to guests and serve them by bringing a theme park experience and VR entertainment to the masses.” says Illia Balashov. “Nowadays, it is not enough to create just one part of the concept as you may miss on some crucial aspects. Hardware, software, backend, users, and clients are all integral parts of the process. It is essential to create the product that meets expectations and goals of all the stakeholders. You need to provide full concept that works and serves the purpose well.”

Any ride can be used on its own or in tandem with multiple devices, all while remaining operated by the same control software. All of the company’s rides maintain the highest standards of safety. And Bmotion Technology offers a comprehensive solution for a location-based VR entertainment boutique including Point of Sale integration, statistics backend, and other important features to run and manage the business.

With constant development and a creative approach, Bmotion Technology advances and builds products and features that make VR entertainment outstanding.

About Bmotion Technology

Bmotion Technology was founded in 2014 as a hardware design and development project to build motion simulators and rides for the entertainment segment. Bmotion Technology also offers all kinds of hardware/software projects as well as turnkey business solutions for location-based VR entertainment. Company headquarters and manufacture is located in Ukraine and projects are done worldwide.